What is online social marketing? Can it help grow my business?

The top 10 reasons to engage your new and future customers with social marketing.

These then are my top ten reasons to take social marketing seriously:

   1. Social marketing is a logical extension of the multichannel marketing strategy of diversification. Social media sites can extend a company’s web presence far beyond the limits of its e-commerce, lead generation or information sites.
   2. Social media builds awareness of products and brands by attraction rather than interruption, and by pulling rather than pushing. Consumers enjoy the discovery process and don’t feel annoyed by it.
   3. Social media employs a community and list building paradigm that’s much more comprehensive, natural and intimate than conventional databases and autoresponders.
   4. Social media marketers engage customers in dialog. They talk with the customer rather than at the customer as is generally the case with conventional media. Social media can also facilitate post-sale support and dissemination of valuable product tips to customers.
   5. Social media used properly can build frequency less expensively than conventional media educating and informing the consumer over time.
   6. Social media can help reach target markets that are too difficult or expensive to reach using conventional means.
   7. Reach doesn’t determine cost, so social media can target a narrow vertical market while at the same time casting a wide net. Efficiency doesn’t really matter much in the context of social media reach.
   8. Search engines like social media, and social marketing leverages free high-quality search exposure which is preferable to paying for low-quality pay-per-click or banner advertising.
   9. Social media sites and your e commerce websites are available 24/7 more or less indefinitely. It’s much like having an ad run in every issue of a publication or like having a catalog or sales letter retained until the customer is ready to make a buying decision.
  10. Using social networking sites it is often possible to connect directly with B2B decision makers without interference from protective gatekeepers.

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8 comments for �What is online social marketing? Can it help grow my business?�

  1. Great advice. You can't underestimate how effective optimizing social media is. It is also a low-cost way of reaching your customers via an exciting new platform.

  2. I'm very impressed with the clear level of intelligence of this writer. 'Social marketing is a logical extension of the multi channel marketing strategy of diversification', 'Social media employs a community and list building paradigm that is much more comprehensive, natural and intimate than conventional databases and autoresponders'. Wow, this person really has their thoughts laid out clearly here!

  3. The title itself is really worth catching,and of course it's a yes!Nice article posted!It's a good to know info for a newbie like me!

  4. Online Social Marketing is necessary to improve our online business. It helps to increase visitor also increase visibility over search engine results pages. You have written a very good and informative about it.

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