Small business advertising on facebook

Various Steps to Facebook marketing for small business.  Here are the details.

Facebook’s advertising platform is a vehicle worth exploring. The tool allows you to place small display type ads in the right sidebar of Facebook pages and profiles.

setting up and running successful campaigns isn’t as straightforward as it could be.

Facebook advertising is the ability select who sees your ad using a number of variables, including keywords. You can target by geography, age, gender, education, relationship status, workplace and keywords.

The first thing you must do is decide whether you want people to be directed to your own web page or something on Facebook like a Page, Application, Group or Event. If you are already the administrator of your Facebook Page, Group, Event, or Application, you can select it from the drop down option. The thing that’s nice about using ads to promote your pages and events is that Facebook puts a “Become a fan” or “RSVP to this event” button right in the ad.

Your headline (25 characters) should grab attention immediately with a benefit. You’ll get another 135 characters to describe and entice in the body of the ad. You also have the option to upload an image. Take this option. It may be the most important aspect of your ad so choose wisely. Facebook users are very image driven (it’s the largest photo sharing site in the world) and the visual graphic you choose will make or break an ad. This is an element you must plan on testing (see below)

You can choose between a cost per click (CPC) model where you pay only for clicks or a cost per thousand (CPM) model where you pay per 1000 ad views.

To start your campaign you must determine a bid per click and daily budget. You can set both of these numbers very low, but don’t expect much. Initially you are just testing so you’ll want to set your click bid somewhere around the Facebook suggested amount and a daily budget you can live with.


No matter where or what you should always test your advertising.
Online applications like this make it pretty darn simple. You can and should create multiple ad versions. Once you create an ad you will have the ability to create similar ads and run those as well.


Facebook has a tool that gives you some information on actions taken inside the Facebook platform
. So, if you are running an ad for an event or Facebook page you can use the Facebook Insights tool to monitor interaction.

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  1. Facebook is so popular that it is very important for online advertising to make an attempt to market on there. I think using a combination of both the ads and creating your own specific "page" for your business is the best route. Constant updating of the page will lead to more success as popularity grows.

  2. facebook is good way to promote and get leads. it is very much popular and advertising on a popular media is always beneficial so keep advertising

  3. Facboook is very helpful for online business from where you can promote your business and get a huge traffic from it.

  4. Since almost every person in the world has an account on facebook and if you add your adds on different pages on facebook you will definetly have lots of clients, with almost no effort.

  5. Well it is my good luck in real, as I was searching something else on internet and I am here to your blog by chance and I must say it is a good site buddy.

  6. There are two famous online platforms and social media platforms I prefer using to spread a word about the business and blogs I am dealing in:
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter

    Facebook if you are not even using the facebook ads and you have a well established network for friends can generate a valuable traffic for you as well as business leads for your online business.

  7. The only platform in my history though since I am using internet is Facebook who has competed and beaten Google for one night though! New Year anniversary was what which made the Google management surprised that Facebook is becoming the competitive platform not only for social media but also the sponsor platform.

    When it comes to internet marketing I can say that facebook can be effective and Google on the other hand has launched many new platforms like Google+ to safe their assets.

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  9. Facebook is one of the best internet marketing platforms and I prefer using facebook due to many reasons and one of them is specially facebook pages. I would like to recommend all those people to market their small to large business over facebook who are willing to earn more business leads from this impressive platform.

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  11. The only platform in my history though since I am using internet is Facebook who has competed and beaten Google for one night though!

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  13. Nice tips but I think better to use Adward then Facebook.

  14. Nice tips - thanks for sharing
    last point Analyze is more important.

  15. I found it to be very costly. Do you have some cheap offers?

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