Create a great professional business video to market yourself!

Here are some points in creating a video to market on the social web

  • It must be a video primarily related to their paid occupation, rather than primarily to a recreational or educational activity.

  • It must be intended, or show the intention of, supporting their business, brand, skills, expertise, experience, or other work-related attribute(s).

  • It must be intended for distribution online, for public viewing and consumption.

  • It must be intended to have a business-related objective. (E.g., increased visibility, leads, sales, better branding, awareness, or other conversion goal.)

  • There are also a few tips we advise when creating video.  The video should never be longer the 3 minutes (unless its an instructional video)

    The video should be authentic and address the public with only a few key points.

    You do not have to appear in the video.  Have a partner or co worker who has a bit more personality appear.  Also, you can take video clips against audio if that suits your audience better

    Nobody has to "appear" on the video.  If your doing demonstration on your computer, you can record the conversation and screen capture the media.

    Have fun and remember to try to upload more videos in the future.

    For more details on video production and marketing, please visit our partners at

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